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2022/7/1 終了しました。

セミナーの内容:日本の仕事の経験について、デザイン、グラフィックデザイン、イラスト、ビジュアルアート等のはなし 国籍:フィリピン 開催日:7月1日 金曜日 18:00~19:00 PM 参加方法:オンライン ZOOM(URLはイベント2日前に送ります) 参加費用:無料 言語:やさしいにほんご、英語​



The world of Dennis Sun is a kaleidoscope of unusually cute creatures and objects that have been consolidated and converged together much like a dream. The theme of Dennis's artworks confronts his encounters with the "inner child" and "divine within." He paints to express brotherly love, bring a brighter colorful light and add joyful laughter to the world. Dennis Sun is a Tokyo-based visual artist working in the field of graphic and advertising design. He delves into painting, sculpture, ceramics, illustration, comics, and writing. He is currently the editor-in-chief and creative art director of Jeepney Press, a Filipino publication he also founded.

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