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About US


Connect, expand, towards one world

~ A space and a place where people with diverse cultural backgrounds can freely interact, like a square in a certain town ~


[TABUNKAKYOSEI Square] is a site operated by the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) for the purpose of providing essential information to the people living in Japan with roots abroad and providing opportunities to build networks with various people. JICE has implimented various projects to promote a multicultural society where the diverse people living in Japan can understand each other and live together by making use of the know-how we have cultivated over many years in the field of international cooperation. We hope that people who have been connected through the projects we have implemented, and people who are newly connected through this site, make their lives fruitful utilizing the information and networks obtained from this site.

The main contents of this site are as follows.

・Provision of useful information for living in Japan, Japanese language, work/employment, life, culture, etc.

・Information on JICE with people of various backgrounds living in Japan, mutual exchange events, seminars, networking events, round-table discussions, etc.

・Information on multicultural programs and Japanese language courses run by JICE

・Introduction of initiatives related to multicultural coexistence implemented by JICE



What is JICE

On March 25, 1977, JICE was created in line with the policy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICA to strengthen private sector roles and functions in the management of ODA projects implemented by JICA. such as managing scholarships for study at higher educational institutions in Japan, conducting international participant training, hosting youth exchange programs, providing Japanese language education and developing its teaching materials and dispatching interpreters covering multiple languages Built on 40 years of experience and achievements as a group of Professionals in HRD, we will make further endeavors towards creating a peaceful and prosperous international community.

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